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The Ham Shack a few years back.
Have upgraded computers and reduced inventory a bit lately - but not too much ;)

NorAn off the coast of SW Florida

My rig is based in central VA - 1985 Albemarle 24 on LoadRite 6400 roller trailer (pix older), Dodge Cummins Turbo Diesel, 6 speed manual. Usually tow to Chesapeake Bay, Gulf Stream out of the N.C. Outer Banks, and SW Florida. Opdate: Getting older now and have passed my boat along to my son. I still plan to go fishing, but he has assumed the upkeep and maintenance of NORAN.

Oregon Inlet bar crossing video 1 Click image to view (27 MB)

Oregon Inlet bar crossing video 2 Click image to view (80 MB)

Enjoy sailing on brother's boat when I have the chance.

60KB-ish click

Also: ShadeTree auto mechanics, and boat and home repair. Ugg!
Located at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains in central Virginia. Too far from the shore but it is what it is...
Most stuff here is devoted to ham radio homebrewing and scanning electron microscopy. ...SLOWLY adding boat stuff.
Link topics include Ham Radio, Electron Microscopy, Boating & Fishing, Etc.

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Several years ago, I developed a tutorial about SEM analysis. I believe information found in the tutorial is accurate, but may be slightly behind latest developments. The 4.8MB, PDF file may be downloaded by clicking the thumbnail below. Use your browser BACK button to return.


Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) Images of common and not so common specimens.

Stereo (3D Pair) SEM Images... Best If you have a viewer, but some can do without.

Ham Gear, Pictures, and Circuits from "QXE Homebrew Lab".



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